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  Q: How safe is it to ride in Ethiopia?  
Trust us! We wouldn't be doing this business if we thought there would be any danger for your security. Despite some border problems with Somalia, Ethiopia is one of the safest, if not the safest, countries in Africa. None of our tours, not even the ones in the less travelled areas of the country, will take you to security danger areas. We will always be hundreds of Km away from any unrest and if something really serious happens on the dates you were planning to come we will cancel or postpone the tour and return all the funds you have given us.

  Q: How will my luggage be handled?  
If you are booked in a calendar tour your luggage will travel in the support vehicle(s) and will be delivered to your room at the end of each day's riding, and picked up again in the morning. Everything you need during the day should be carried in your bike, for easy access. If you are booked in a custom made tour and you did not request for a support vehicle, it is your responsibility to carry and handle your own luggage.

  Q: Can I go riding if I don't want to follow the programme?  
If you are travelling with a group we give the flexibility to change the itinerary in agreement with the tour leader and the rest of the group. Otherwise it will not be possible as we require that the tour leader accompanies the bikes at all time. If you are the only participant in the tour you will have more flexibility to change the itinerary. Please be aware that any extra-costs incurred by itinerary changes, including tour leader extra-expenses, will have to be bourn by the participants.

  Q: What do I do with items like souvenirs or artwork purchased along the way?  
If you booked a calendar tour smaller items will be carried in the support vehicle(s). We are flexible about smaller items like cloth or sculptures, but the vehicle(s) can only hold so much. We would thus request you to ask us before purchasing any larger items, as there is the danger that the support vehicle(s) may not be able to carry them and if you can't find a way to carry them to Addis Ababa you will loose them. If you booked a custom made tour and did not request for a support vehicle, it is your responsibility to carry such items.

  Q: Do I need to take a support vehicle in my tour?  
You don’t always have to, but depending on the duration of the tour, the number of riders and the route chosen, a support vehicle may be indispensable, to take a spare bike, spare parts, extra fuel, camping gear, food supplies and water. Be sure that we will always try to give you as many options as possible to match the tour with your requirements.

  Q: What is the advantage of taking a support vehicle on a tour?  
You will have much more fun! You don't have to worry about your luggage or extra-weight and can enjoy your riding and tour 100%. In addition you may bring your non-riding partners, whether they're your children, friends, partners or other members of the family.

  Q: Do I have to choose from a limited menu at meal times if I booked a calendar tour or an all-inclusive custom made tour?  
No, you can pick anything on the menu.

  Q: Can I bring my own GPS?  
You don't need to. Your tour leader will guide you all the way through your tour. However, if you want to bring your own GPS, you will need an adapter to plug into the KTM power source, as well as the Ethiopia software and the holder for the motorbike.

  Q: What happens if my bike breaks down?  
Your tour leader carries a toolkit tailored to KTM motorcycles, and minor breakdowns including flats will be fixed on the spot. That said, we are obligated to state that the KTM motorcycles we ride are utterly reliable, and outside flat tyres breakdowns are extremely rare.

  Q: Do I need to wear protective clothing?  
Yes! Riding in Ethiopia is not the same as riding in Europe or other countries. Roads are not as safe and there are many unpredictable obstacles on the way you may not be used to like domestic animals (donkey, cows, etc.). The use of a crash helmet is a legal requirement in Ethiopia and you will not be able to ride without one. In our tours we request that at a minimum you wear a protective jacket and pants with protection fitted and motorcycle boots. It is recommended to wear a kidney belt, gloves and glasses. Remember, we want you to have fun and get the most of the bike in as safest environment as possible.

  Q: Is medical/health insurance really necessary?  
Definitely!! You should not come without a comprehensive medical/health insurance which should include evacuation cover. We never had any serious accidents in any of our trips and fingers crossed it will stay like this but better safe than sorrow. Remember you will be travelling to very remote areas where medical facilities may not be present and if you are to be evacuated outside the country at your own expenses this will be extremely expensive.
  Q: Why isn't fuel included in the tour price?  
Unfortunately gasoline is not always available at market price in Ethiopia. In some parts of the country this will need to be bought on the black market and prices vary immensely from one region to the other. If we were to include fuel in the tour price we would have to budget for the highest possible price for the duration of the whole tour, which would increase substantially the price quoted for the tour you wish to take part in.

  Q: How much can I expect to spend on fuel?  
  A: It will depend on your riding style, how much extra weight you carry, whether you're riding on or off-road, fuel availability, etc., but if you ride the entire tour at 17 Km/litre, 300 Km/day, fuel costs will be approximately 20 Euros/day.

  Q: If I bring my own bike to one of your tours will mechanical support be available?  
Yes! But the cost of spare parts or any mechanical work that must be outsourced (e.g. welding) must be bourne by you. At the time of booking we will let you know what is and is not available in-country for your motorbike and what you should bring with you.





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